Use Safe Cookware

Cook with stainless steel, cast iron or glass.

Avoid nonstick pans coated with Teflon or other chemical coatings. Discard pans that are scratched and worn. Never heat when empty or use under a broiler.

Use a stainless steel vegetable steamer. 

Heat a little water in a pot, add your stainless steel vegetable steamer filled with cut veggies and cover. Steam your veggies until just tender. 

Never heat food in plastic

Remove frozen food from plastic bags or containers and microwave in glass.  Frozen food packaged for convenience often contains instructions on heating your food in the packaging. While this plastic packaging will not melt, it has been shown to leach chemical additives into food when exposed to high heat. 

Avoid steaming vegetables in plastic bags or cooking rice in boil in the bag packaging.