Home Furnishing Tips

Since 1975, toxic chemicals have been added to home furnishings as flame retardants.  Unnecessary and hazardous, these chemicals accumulate in dust and our bodies. Some flame retardants can cause cancer, disrupt hormones and lower I.Q. The majority of furniture manufacturers are now meeting stronger flammability standards without these toxins, while most mattress manufacturers are lagging behind.

Identify and replace items with flame retardants

Look at furniture tags. Tags with "Meets California flammability standard TB 117"  contain toxic flame retardants.

Reduce dust

Flame retardants accumulate in dust. Wet dust frequently and use a heppa vacuum filter.

Wash hands often

Reduce exposure from flame retardants in dust by washing your hands often, especially young children.

Purchase furniture without flame retardants

Look for tags stating "contains no added flame retardants". If the tag is unclear, contact the manufacturer and ask if they use flame retardant chemicals. Find out which home furnishing manufacturers are leaders and who has fallen behind.